MYshelf | IFA

A powerful way to manage relationships

Each IFA has their own specific specialisms, all requiring something unique from you as a provider. MYshelf enables you to structure a unique ‘bookshelf’ style experience, hosting and prioritising content for each IFA.

MYshelf filters through a world of information and pushes personalised content.  Whether it’s white papers, product information, images or video, your IFA can find, store and retrieve the business knowledge that’s relevant to them.

> Push videos, white papers, trainings and communications
> Create a personal relationship via their phone or tablet
> Micro target incentives
> Track your relationship
> Communicate new ideas and processes with bespoke video
> Bespoke communications

The easy-to-use bookshelf interface means that IFAs can control and
influence what they wish to see, making it highly personalised.

You’ll be able to track exactly what individuals are engaging with, so their content and experience can be refined, managed and stay 100% relevant. This tracking will also help you to understand likely triggers for further discussions with IFAs, making MYshelf a powerful way to manage and influence relationships.